Family Connection

GISO introduces the Family Connection service. Our goal is to connect Iranian international students with Iranian families that have been living here in the United States more than a decade.

We all know your great family from Iran is supporting you perfectly as much as they can. This program is going to fill the gap for the part that they are not able to assist you anymore.
Such as:

  • Spending the New Year, Yalda night or thanksgiving with family
  • Having a support in an emergency situation
  • Learning more about the new culture and challenges

and above all making new friends and family here that would extremely be effective during your study here in Georgia.

If you are interested in Family Connection service, fill the following form. Your information will be kept confidential and considering your interests, the most match family will be selected to review it and then they will contact you shortly for a meet up.
(If you concern about alcohol serving in parties please mention in your form)

Hope to see most of you in family parties this Thanksgiving.