Sana Pournaghshband

Sana Pournaghshband

What brings you to the GISO Executive Board?

I would love to serve as a Pournaghshband GISO Executive Board’s member. I have been a part of GISO for the last two years and I am beyond proud of being part of this organization and all of the amazing members. My goal as the Executive Board’s member would be to elevate student’s college experience through social opportunities, outdoor adventures, and overall increasing the energy and happiness. We will make long-lasting friendships as we get along to explore, to relax, and just simply enjoying the life and having fun.

Share a paragraph about yourself

I am a third year undergraduate student at Georgia Tech, studying Biomedical engineering. I am a very adventurous person and have a desire for exploring new places. I am an avid sports follower/player specially soccer, volleyball, football, and futsal. I am a huge Taylor Swift fan and I enjoy watching TED Talks and The Ellen show. I believe I am a great candidate for GISO Executive Board because of my extensive experience as being a leader in Student Government Association(SGA) of my college. I have a passion for reaching the 4 main goals of GISO. Also, my character allows me to work well and communicate with others to contribute to team efforts. I would strive to advance GISO, and I feel that my previous experiences have proven that.

Type of membership


Profession/ Field of Study

Biomedical Engineering