Parnaz F. Rad

Parnaz F. Rad

What brings you to the GISO Executive Board?

Last year when I came here, instead of having a hard time feeling homesick(!), I was overwhelmed by the presence of these people… Now, it is my turn 🙂 Besides, there supposed to be some seats for the art students on this board, its a growing society here in Georgia…

Share a paragraph about yourself

I’m an MFA student at SCAD Atlanta, studying Animation. I used to be the president of Science Association of Tabriz University of Arts and a member of this organization at Tehran University of Arts. Since this is a proved fact that people as a team with the mutual objectives can pass the limits and make the (most of!) impossible possible, I decided to be a part of it. What can make me feel better other than being like the ones that kept their eyes on me and helped me while ago.

Type of membership


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