Nima Azad

Nima Azad

What brings you to the GISO Executive Board?

My enthusiasm is to bring students and families in Georgia closer together by planning and organizing educational and social events. And my will is to unite the Iranian community in celebration of our great culture. Before starting my professional career, I believe that being part of GISO would be a great opportunity for me to show my passion for sharing my ideas and being involved in organizing events.

Share a paragraph about yourself

I have been graduated from New York University and moved to Georgia for a few months. I’ve got my Master’s degree in Civil Engineering with concentration in Construction Management.

-Excellent organizational skills
-Professional Communication
-Professional Event-planning
-Problem-Solving Skills

-Organized and planned social events for Iranian Students of New York University as a “NYU-POLY” member.
-Helped organizing some of the PCC and GISO events including RED party, GISO Halloween party, GISO outdoor Club Haunted Corn Maze event.

Type of membership


Profession/ Field of Study

Civil Engineering