Alireza Etebar

Alireza Etebar

What brings you to the GISO Executive Board?

I am certain that my skills and experiences will serve as an asset to help the Persian student community living in Georgia become aware of their full potential to grow stronger in this new country we all call home.

Share a paragraph about yourself

As a young professional living in the US since 1999, l have gone through the difficulties hewest foreign students face every day. l have lived and worked in the US and Iran; therefore, I consider myself to be a true “hybrid” acting as a liaison between the two cultures. Please find below a list of my professional and academic achievements which I believe will help me in assisting GISO achieve its goals: 1. Graduating summa cum laude from Georgia State’s honorable Robinson College of Business. 2. Starting my own business at the age of 19. 3. Working with a number of multinational
companies utilizing my MBA skills. 4. Becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in 2015. 5. Starting my own CPA firm to help my community especially Iranian students.

Type of membership

Young Professional

Profession/ Field of Study

Certified Public Accountant