Strengthening the Relationship between Student and Local Families.

GISO’s family connection program is designed to help our brilliant students who are far from their families. To help ensure our students reach their fullest potential, this our family-student match program helps new international students better accommodate themselves with American culture while maintaining their Iranian ties. This program not only helps enrich our local families grow closer, but it aids the student in the often difficult transition of adjusting to a new environment.
GISO matches students with families who are eager to offer them a home environment. While the level of interaction is unique to each match, this bond significantly helps international students find stability in an unfamiliar setting. From this, we ensure our students can achieve their best and further our proud reputation in Atlanta and throughout Georgia.
For kind families who would like to participate in such a worthy and enriching program, please contact GISO family connection program coordinator: Ms Floria Izadi at floriaizadi@gmail.com
We encourage students to join GISO family connection network through this page.

Helping students in various disciplines to find jobs, internships and professional counseling in Georgia’s diverse industries.

GISO’s career services program helps our students with their professional career search. While exceling in their respective academic fields, restrictive hiring rules and unfamiliar job markets make it difficult for our best and brightest students to find job opportunities.

GIOS’s goal is to help to our students with the various parts of a successful career search, from resume critique and interview practice to job placement and career development. To this end, GISO organizes career fairs where local businesses can recruit from the best and brightest Iranian students. GISO also helps educate students about career resources available on campus. Our vision is to be a liaison among the students and businesses to introduce and open new possibilities for personal and professional growth, not only to our students, but to local businesses and agencies throughout the state.

To participate in the career services program as a business owner or a professional, please contact the prgram coordinator: Dr. Hamid Garmestani at h.garmestani@gmail.com

Growing friendships from schools across Georgia.

GISO’s networking program connects students across Georgia to bolster the cross-collaboration between these individuals and their student organizations. Not only does this allow for greater event turn-outs and friendship, but these Iranian student organizations can pool resources and think on a much larger scale.
GISO’s goal is host events to introduce students and allow them to help one another grow. Ultimately, GISO will act as an umbrella organization keeping communications among the students in these schools open, informing them of events, and hosting events open to all students and professionals. GISO believes that such interaction will significantly strengthen our sense of community.

To participate in GISO’s networking program, please contact the program coordinator: Ms Floria Izadi at floriaizadi@gmail.com

Giving back and making a difference in our communities.

GISO’s community service program offers a platform for those interested to give back to their community. We provides all these services to help volunteers be happier, healthier and more successful. In turn, this promotes a happier, healthier community of friends and families.

We strive to involve students in community projects and help increase students exposure to the surrounding areas while at the same time enhancing the image of Iranian Americans.
To participate in GISO’s community service program or to promote your community service project, please contact the program coordinator Ms Floria Izadi at floriaizadi@gmail.com