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About GISO

Our mission is to strengthen Iranian student life by bringing students and community together

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GISO exercises a flat model for its board. Our board consists of 11 individuals as noted below. These members have equal voting rights in GISO’s executive meetings and they do not bear any specific titles.

GISO’s board meets once per month. We welcome officials of Iranian Student Organizations from all schools over Georgia to attend our board meetings. Also, if you are a motivated individual that would like to contribute more to GISO’s causes, please contact¬†info@gisoweb.com¬†so that we can arrange to invite you to one of our monthly meetings.

GISO’s model of management is a flexible model. We expand the board as there are more interested individuals to help manage daily affairs of GISO. Our intent is to provide mechanisms to update the board annually, allowing interested young professionals and students join our board and fill in for our alumni who will be bringing GISO’s message with themselves as they leave Georgia.

Board Members 2016-2017