Family Connection

To strengthen the relationship between students and families in order to assist students away from home.


To bring students from various schools in Georgia together in order to create a long-lasting friendship among them.

Career Services

To help all students in various disciplines with finding jobs, internships and professional counseling.

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What is GISO?

Recent News

GISO participated in Campus Resource Fair during the UGA International Student Orientation. 100%
GISO has opened new Board candidacy form to the members. 100%
Pardis published an article about GISO’s history and services. 100%

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GISO (Georgia Iranian Student Organization) is a connection network of Iranian students and Iranian Americans in the Atlanta Community. Our goal is to help our bright international students connect with families and other students studying at universities throughout Georgia. This endeveor strengthens not only our academic ties but our relationships with the community overall. We are students and professionals who serve and help each other achieve.

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About Us

About GISO

Our mission is to strengthen Iranian student life by bringing students and community together

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GISO exercises a flat model for its board. Our board consists of 11 individuals as noted below. These members have equal voting rights in GISO’s executive meetings and they do not bear any specific titles.

GISO’s board meets once per month. We welcome officials of Iranian Student Organizations from all schools over Georgia to attend our board meetings. Also, if you are a motivated individual that would like to contribute more to GISO’s causes, please contact so that we can arrange to invite you to one of our monthly meetings.

GISO’s model of management is a flexible model. We expand the board as there are more interested individuals to help manage daily affairs of GISO. Our intent is to provide mechanisms to update the board annually, allowing interested young professionals and students join our board and fill in for our alumni who will be bringing GISO’s message with themselves as they leave Georgia.

Board Members 2016-2017

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Our Reviews

Giso memorial weekend picnic was one of the best picnics I have ever attended, I really enjoyed seeing my friends, enjoyed delicious burgers, hot dogs and water melon, but the best part was the Persian dance!


2014-09-23, 02:14

My experience with GISO was wonderful! Airport pickup, temporary housing and almost anything else was done perfectly. I really hope I can return all of their generous favors one day. I also hope that as a new member of GISO, I can make the first days of some of the future students the best starting days they’ve ever had in a new school, just like mine.
Great job folks!


2014-09-23, 03:29

I enjoyed the friendly and fun environment, great music, food, peaceful and beautiful location in the memorial weekend picnic,..all beautiful things to remember.
I attended the music and poetry night that was a another good event for poetry lovers. It gave me a chance to know people who are also interested in poetry and to hear about their poems. The musical performances of talented people added to the fun and beauty of the event. The food was great. The night was memorable.


2014-09-24, 02:08

GISO is my family in GA! It helped me to solve my problem and be able to continue my studying as a student in GA.
I do not know what is the best way to appreciate GISO’s help, but I want to say thank you so so so much for being very nice with students and helping them. I will try to join this organization and help them to be more developed and help more students. May be in future I can help a student with the same problem that I faced !!!


2014-11-07, 23:44

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Giso Services

Airport Pickup

Request pickup from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport

Please fill the following form to request pickup from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport. We will try our best to find a volunteer member of GISO to pick you up from the airport.

Family Connection

GISO introduces the Family Connection service.

Our goal is to connect Iranian international students with Iranian families that have been living here in the United States more than a decade.

Student Handbook

Student Handbook PDF

Georgia Student Handbook, Summer 2014, Before Arriving, The First Few days, The New Life, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, The New Life, PDF, Book

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